Telltale Notion

Words Of Farewell

In time these majestic doorways will crumble
Insidious faces carving their names in stone
Desperate not to be forgotten, a token of their vanity

Nothing but a little lamplight in the coming storm
To digress is emptiness
No perspective and no greater matter at hand

No, this is not the end of the world
But you can see it from here
Awaiting it in prospect of expiration

Slow-motion progress led by time-lapse machines
An eclipse so sudden, yet crawling in on us for ages
To cover up this deceit

The air is filled with the smell of fear and distress
It is all too emblematic for this lasting state of emergency

A cause so vain, admonitions born from guilt
Living in a constant crisis, we're all caught in a loop

This is not a tell-tale notion
This is fiction, a mere equation
Until one day you see with unclouded eyes
the genuine rapture of human nature

Sometimes I feel like the end of the road is just one step away
Yet it is only another chapter to be told in time