Words Of Farewell

Hauling the nets of death
Hoisting blindness from the deep
To feed a billion mouths who do not care
Who will not stop or dare

Devastate an environment formed a million years ago
Tearing a hole into the planet
After decades of decadence, centuries of exploitation
there is not much left

And who are we to break the chain
Who are we to reign what cannot be reigned
An upcoming extinction, our world's demise
And as the waves arise and engulf the kings
There is still no clarity

Open up the depths, enlighten the abyss
To realize what there is to come
As they rise up, we fall back

A collective mind lingers in eternal darkness
And they look up to see the surface
Shades of the unsuspecting enemy

Harvest until our very end
The sea sharpens its armory
To give up what it created long time ago
And drown mankind in nothingness