A faint clap of thunder in the distance
The Net Sphere long separated from reality
A droning sound humming in the levels below
All authority cut off from the hub

A calamity wrecking havoc in its wake
A gravitational discharge echoed through the hallways
Breaching a path to escape this endless maze

What is life to us lost in these endless mega structures
We’re pilgrims on our way to the edge of the unknown
Towards the rumored end of all

Builders randomly expanding the city
Beyond extinction of mankind
Millennia of uncontrolled growth
Resulting in a Dyson Sphere at grandest scale

Cancel the limiter to reach the surface
To see the void beyond with our own eyes
A testament to the human spirit
For death may not be our only freedom

No way to restore the lost world order
So we flee from this hostile place
Leaving a realm welled up with black tears
Reaching out far into space

An act of heroism, a final act of grandeur
All the odem drained, all the hours used up