In Kingdoms of Rain

Words Of Farewell

They said we don't belong here
Only dreaming our lives away
So let all dreadful feelings subside
And sustain the loss while suffering
It is all just a means to an end

So while these days hardly pass by
This is all that is left of us

And so we returned home
To a place where the rain never ends
To find shelter in this sorrow
No, I'm not worth a single tear you cry
Cause there’s nothing left to say but goodbye

I feel so broken and old, oh so empty inside
Throughout all these misspent years I've lived
All those wasted years yet to come
The veil of conjuration slowly wearing thin
For hours on end we ran
And now I can feel we're just losing touch

With tired eyes I see your smiling face
Slowly closing my eyelids to shut out the blight
Suddenly the world I sense around me feels so black
As we're drifting apart by time I still linger in the wake

Without words
And without screams
Without meaning
And without heart