Beauty in Passing

Words Of Farewell

The world ends with you, or so I thought
The forfeiture of light and darkness at hand
Moving on past rupture takes courage
For I've yet to see beauty in passing

A weary heart held captive
Where a distant memory of you still remains
Now in clear sight, right before my eyes
I see you drift away, cutting ties with the earth

To no avail I stand in shackles of your departure
Henceforth I scream to the sky
No peace for your shattered soul
For your journey has not come to an end
You shall find your place of destination
Beyond the confines of this world

You did wander where nobody dares to tread
And threw yourself upon a frail tether
To smother what was left of life
To feel a sense of closure in the palm of your hand

Slowly leaving hold of your faint notion of venture
The lucid rain steals away the remainder of my torment

For now I see beauty in passing
For now we see beauty in passing

Did your voice ever tell of delights
For there will never be another waking hour in these eyes

Yet there is still more day to dawn
Arise my ravaged heart don’t you fall aslumber
Walk under groaning trees and open skies
For you dare not stay too long where shadows fall