Vybz Kartel

Gal you too boasty
Cuh yuh tattoo
You & yuh crew
Where did yuh do yuh tattoo
Skin smooth
Fi show di green red & blue
Mi love looking at you
Fi nyam di cookie not you

You tattoo you man name but
Yuh pum pum split inna two
Mek mi "icky di breas"
Dat a titty tattoo
You a no country owl
Or City Patou
Mi si yuh a "It's A Party"
And Cinema Two
Gimme you number
Phone call no limit at you
Like a swing cocky
Mi a swing it at you
A nuh stone naturally
Mi fling it at you
If a fi mek you suck mi hood
Mi nah bring it at you


Mi love di one pon you ankle &
Di one above di rear
You si dat hipster
Jeans deh
Love di pair
Shorty got di breast
Wid di teddy bear
Jahiem pon har foot
And it very dare
Any weh di gal dem deh
I'll be there
Breast stiff
Wid hips fi share
Don Corleon get a letter from Britney Spear
Seh she want him fi fix di chair