Beyonce Wine

Vybz Kartel

yo jon tooe
Dah One Deh Look Like Ah it..
Some gyal cyaant dweet if dem waste line nah stable
nah, or if dem nah have cable

yuh pussy pretty fah,gimme di beyonce wine
jiggle di titty ton, gimme di beyonce wine,
yuh nuh have cripple spine gimme di beyonce wine,
do di, do di duttywine already now a fancy time
go pon ya toe point ,gimme di beyonce wine
ya full ah double-joint, gimme di beyonce wine
nuh pay no gyal no mind, gimme di beyonce wine
draw di chalkline and buss di walk wine...

ya pussy so tight mi give it a ticket like nite,
push ya bumpa high, set it like when ya ride bike
grabb di dicky like, so katty give it a bite,bite
wah yuh feel like, head is a ting wuh need light
ya so hype yuh body nah double fi nuh scratch bright
neva get battery like, seh you is a flashlight
you a goodas all ya life,baby dat's right,
yuh pussy nah buss blood like a dynamite


Jus...Do di dance wuh di gyal do pon B.E.T.
Yea mi push it to you while you give it to me
some gyal cyann do it cuz dem nah have T.V.
some have television but nuh pay cable fee
bus a back way wine gyal go down pon ya knee
wide-sailin pon mi cocky, like a boat on di sea
dem gyal deh a bitch,you a real petty wah, real pedigree BABY