Cut Yuh Speed

Vybz Kartel

My girl cut yuh speed
Mi'ave weh yuh need
If yuh inna hot love, mi wi gi yuh seed
If yuh inna smoking, mi wi gi yuh weed
If yuh want a man fi mek yuh breed...
Verse 1:
Nuh tell mi bout yuh man
Caah mi nuh need
Fi know yuh polatitty
Mi waan squeeze up yuh titty
Til yuh nipple point-eed
Get excit-eed
Link mi roun' ten
And bring two a yuh fren
Mr. Right and Mr. Reid
Gallas good breed
Mi bazzle everyday
Mi have every NBA
Jersey inna di league
Mr. Money spree
So come a me
If yuh tiad fi fuck fi free


Verse 2:
Mi get three gal from Iraq
Four portugeese
Weh day mi and marshall go lock dung Japan
Mi get nine japanese
Draws drop-a-knees
Mi run up and dung but mi use mi condom
Protection from disease
Like dis nuh pleeze
A nuh Guiness alone
Karl Kani, tuff a lie?
Highgrade by di trees
Dats why Denise
Seh mi mek shi quote high motes like Alicia Keys