Open Your Eyes And Look North

Dance Gavin Dance

Sunrise wake up stand up look into red eyes
Stayed up all night thinking of reasons why I cant feel your skin
Is this plaguing your brain?
Couldn't brace yourself in the morphine hallway
lying on the ground with a heart as a ball and chain
message to the bird I know your wings will be fine
spread them on the floor, learn to heal with take time
close the hatch and lock us inside.
Now breath in wide
Ill forgive you later
Come on its time
Just stand aside
Watch this turn to dust I wont know when you've fallen
Now it all takes shape I wont go until you follow
I don't even get the movie
cold ice feels so soothing
I don't feel anything, stuck in the passing lane
break, wait, stop, back off the bitch
Block out the sound of the police beckoning
duck in the back and the lights will shut off again
ration the wine, laughing in revelry
caution im drugged, we'll here comes the symphony
You can go for it just don't ignore it
the rapist gives God a hug.