Strawberry André

Dance Gavin Dance

Dressed in time to sip the wine and cover your head
nice of you to stay a few a bleed on my bed
people flake they wake and bake, forget what you said
obviously not possibly you didn't take your meds.
Here we go climb. And now come home for all these ways to ways to go
I got a house with a pool and dog with a three car garage all the way down
Cut out the signs come inside where we lined up all these fashions ill take your wine just take this side
Into the light arms are wide only when you know.

Nice tie, meet my concubine
she's not drunk its enthusiasm
lipstick, we painted faces, of people with no regrets.
I fear I can't believe its you. I fear
Slit her throat on the frying pan, you caught cold and forgot the plan
turn the dial on the oven man
until the skin has got that even tan
Oh what?..Come into the light oh