Lemom Meringue Tie

Dance Gavin Dance

Caught between one thick line,
I can never see in the dark
Can you see at all
And now you go
Slip me the vicodin
This world is upside down
Night at the symphony, the bar is closing down
Slip me an antidote, empty the cashbox out
And i don't know why
I don't know why
I fight for you this way
Take the call and quickly lie about
Who you've been seeing lately hen forget about it all
Stage lights are burning up,
Running faster to this spot,
Staring at these faces,
Torn from all these places, and i wont go.
Mace yourself, blame someone else
Fall face down fluid leaking out your eyeballs
Its okay no one will believe you
Hey girl you're the best
I'm a sucker, maybe i should fuck her now.