Leather And Lace

Stevie Nicks

Is love so fragile and the heart so hollow
Shatter with words impossible to follow
You're saying I'm fragile I try not to be
I search only for something I can't see

I have my own life
And I am stronger than you know

But I carry this feeling
When you walked into my house
That you won't be walking out the door (2x)

Lovers forever -- face to face
My city or mountains
Stay with me stay
I need you to love me
I need you today
Give to me your leather
Take from me my lace

You in the moonlight
With your sleepy eyes
Could you ever love a man like me
And you were right
When I walked into your house
I knew I'd never want to leave

Sometimes I'm a strong man
Sometimes cold and scared
And sometimes I cry

But that time I saw you
I knew with you to light my nights
Somehow I'd get by (2x)

(Chorus) 2x