Desert Angel

Stevie Nicks

I Was Born in the Desert-
So I Know How It Feels There...
Well Look's a Shooting Star-
But It's As Black As Stars

Well This Is the First Thing,
That I've Written-
Since I Wrote About Freedom...
and Then the Wall Came Down-
Well We Thought It Was a Great,...beginning
People Were Free to Cross the Line-
But Then Something the Desert
Something Broke the Stars...into Pieces

Well I Live Below...a Great Red Mountain
in the Shape of a Grat Huge Beast-
in a Place the Indians Call...paradice Valley
Well This Has Always Benn My Sanctuary-
I Send That to You...too
There On the Other Side of the World-
in the Desert...
and We Are the Guardians-
no Black Clouds...just the Faces of You

So Where Is My Father,
Where Has He Gone...?
Where Is My Husband-
Where Is My Son...?
Where Is My Father,
Where Has He Gone...?
What Is It That Happened Here,
Is It Real...? This War...?
This Can't Be Happening

Ooh Well I Need to See You
in Your...far Away War-
and You Should Much We Love You
They Call Us Jere, Operation Desert Angel...
They Call Us Here, Operation Desert Angel...
in Waiting...operation Desert Shield
Operation Desert Storm...operation Desert Angel