Rush Together


They grew up in the same old town
Never knowing the other was around
Read from the same damn books
Never gave each other looks
But one day the sun will shine
I know
For their eyes have told me so
Chasing advice from those who say
I’ve lost my mind

Rush together to find each other
Now it’s too late
You can never wait for luck
Forever bound
By the same instrument
We all adhere
That’s guilt

So that’s how the story goes
So far
I’ll tell you the rest
But now
I’m tired of what I think
A situation where I can’t sing
But I hate the vagrant life
I know
Nothing has been more sold
‘Til Now
Living my life after those who say I’ve lost my mind


This is the end
Of the song
Where the facts are laid out for you
In a nice little line
But I’m trying
To portray my experiences
As clear as I can
In another day
At another time
We can stand
Hand in hand
In the end

So what do you say?
What do you say?
Can we turn this clock back
Thirteen years
And relate
I won’t mind
Can we stay?
Isn’t it fate?
Isn’t it fate?
That we spill our guts out
On this very day
I don’t mind
I want to
I want to