Both Ways


Be honest with me
Did you ever think
That these things that you did
Would come back to haunt you
And fail you again
Don’t ever question
My will to admit
That when we’re alone
It’s too hard to resist
Making believe
That we’re bigger than this
For choosing a road
That is different but similar
To the same one I took before

Why don’t we breathe
Why can’t you see
That things aren’t always
What they appear to be
And as simple as it sounds
I think I’ve found
The perfect way to grow old

The simpleness describes
The iron that is you
And your rusty old life
Get on with the mattress
And tell-tale lies
Watch everything
That you touch turns to ice
Following the sheep
And they’re at it again
Making believe
That there’re free as it seems
But only finding out that
They’re on a sinking ship
That doesn’t care
How many it saves today


Watch out now
I see the light
At the end of the tunnel
It seems realistic
That getting there will make us fine
But watch out now
It’s full of glass
Don’t take the chance
You’ll surely pass
At least some day
We’ll know the reason

The perfect way
The perfect way