Alls my life I has to fight, nigga
Alls my life I...
Hard times like, "God!"
Bad trips like, "Yea!"
Nazareth, I'm fucked up
Homie you fucked up
But if God got us
Then we gon' be alright

[Hook: Pharrell Williams]
Nigga, we gon' be alright
Nigga, we gon' be alright
We gon' be alright
Do you hear me, do you feel me? We gon' be alright
Nigga, we gon' be alright
Huh? We gon' be alright
Nigga, we gon' be alright
Do you hear me, do you feel me? We gon' be alright

[Verse 1]
Uh, and when I wake up
I recognize you're lookin' at me for the pay cut
But homicide be lookin' at you from the face down
What Mac-11 even boom with the bass down
Schemin', and let me tell you 'bout my life
Painkillers only put me in the twilight
Where pretty pussy and Benjamin is the highlight
Now tell my momma I love her but this what I like, Lord knows
20 of 'em in my Chevy, tell 'em all to come and get me
Reapin' everything I sow, so my karma come
And heaven no preliminary hearing, so my record
And my motherfuckin' gang stand in silence for the record
Tell the world I know it's too late
Boys and girls, I think I gone crazy
Drown inside my vices all day
Won't you please believe when I say

Wouldn't you know
We been hurt, been down before
Nigga, when our pride was low
Lookin' at the world like, "Where do we go?"
Nigga, and we hate po-po
Wanna kill us dead in the street for sure
Nigga, I'm at the preacher's door
My knees gettin' weak and my gun might blow
But we gon' be alright


[Verse 2]
What you want, you a house or a car
40 acres and a mule, a piano, a guitar?
Anything, see my name is Lucy, I'm your dog
Motherfucker, you can live at the mall
I can see the evil, I can tell it I know when it's illegal
I don't think about it, I deposit every other zero
Thinkin' of my partner put the candy, paint it on the Regal
Diggin' in my pocket ain't a profit, big enough to feed you
Everyday my logic, get another dollar just to keep you
In the presence of your chico... ah!
I don't talk about it, be about it, everyday I see cool
If I got it then you know you got it, heaven, I can reach you
Pet dog, pet dog, pet dog, my dog, that's all
Pick back and chat, I trap the back for y'all
I rap, I black on track and rest assured
My rights, my wrongs I write 'til I'm right with God

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]