Now Or Never (Feat. Mary J. Blige)

Kendrick Lamar

[Kendrick Lamar - Intro]
We on?
1,2,3, go!

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
Waking up in a dream
Sleepwalking on another big stage
You never heard peace 'til you hear people scream
Your name and your song, I'm so far away
From the place I used to be, struggling usually
Look at the newer me, fate pursuing me
I can feel the energy in the air
It feel like I'm supposed to here

[Bridge v.1: Mary J. Blige]
Everywhere I go I'm getting so much love
Fans, the stars, everyone
Sayin how they can't wait for the LP
And I'm gonna blow
They believe in me
Feel so good in what you do
Helps somebody else get through
That's why I do the best I can
Because I know how blessed I am

I'm so high I can touch the sky
I know it's my time
And it's now or never
I shine so bright I light the night
And it feels so right, ain't nothing better

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
A fool if I take it all for granted
A smart man if I keep my feet planted
To the earth cause the people that hurt can understand it
You speakin' outlandish
I'mma show you how to make it all work
Another plan, it a short term goal for me
A record sold for me
It's just more of me in your ear
For you to hear Kendrick persevere
Defenses I feel relentless
Ambition with a clear vision
Takin' off I ain't takin off these Pistons
I'm takin' off on the inner me - you're distance
Came across me, how much it'a cost me
To get you out my business
I said a planet is a short term goal, no sky is the limit
I'm past that, now pass that
Award, not one but four
Times two plus yours

[Bridge v.2: Mary J. Blige]
I see myself performing there, (
Sold out shows where the room is packed
Sitting at the Grammy's winning five awards
See myself on big billboards
Traveling around the world with endorsement deals
Can't imagine how it feels
That's why I'm smiling everyday
Because my dream ain't far away


[Verse 3:Kendrick Lamar]
You looking at me and you tell me I'm blessed
Calculated my steps, my heart, my breath
Breathe hums? of a victory and vividly
You see me when at my best, my worst
This verse dedicated to the days that I slept
With a curse research my paid dues I'm reimbursed
I burst in the crowd with a voice and crown
I'm a King on the prowl and I see mama smile?
And I vow on the tape that I'll never break
You can break bread with me now
We can all take a bow on the edge of the pedestal
Then scream out loud that we made it off the avenue
And walked that mile
In the darkness I often sit back
And get lost in the rap that I wrote
When you told me that it spoke to your soul
I was talking to you
I was walking it through every ghetto
Tell success hello
We here

[Bridge v.3: Mary J. Blige]
And I'm so happy I cry
Cause I can't believe
All the things I ever wanted
Are finally happening for me
And it's so surreal
That I almost feel
That any minute I can wake up
From this fantasy
When you pray so hard
And you've come so far
And you know that it's the time for you lift your bar
And I'm gonna do it
Watch me!

[Hook (x2)]