r.e.m (live)

Ariana Grande

Uh huh

Said last night, boy, I met you, yeah
Said when I was asleep ('Sleep)
You're such a dream to me, babe
Oh, woah woah
And it was on a day like this, yeah
Said if you can believe, yeah
Said if you can believe (If you can believe), oh, yeah
You're such a dream to me, baby, yeah

Before you speak, don't move
('Cause I don't wanna wake up) Shee
(Wake up) Let's go (Wake up, wake up)
Don't wanna wake up, oh hey (Wake up, wake up, wake up)
So, 'cause you're such a dream, —eam
Said, boy, you're such a dream to me, baby, oh

"Excuse me, um" (I love you)
I know that's not the way to start a conversation, trouble
I watch them other girls when they come and bug you
But I felt like I knew you, so I just wanted to hug you
Plus, you don't know your way around
You can stop your playing now
All your worries, lay 'em down (Shh, don't say it loud)
Is this real, baby? Yeah
(Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum)
"I love you—who starts a conversation like that?"
Nobody, but I do
But you are not a picture, I can't cut you up and hide you
I'll get you out my mind, uh, or try to
But I just want to stand and yell, I will never dare to tell
Think I heard some wedding bells (Shh, keep it to yourself)
(Is this real?) Is this real, baby?

Don't move
Don't wanna wake up (Wake up)
Wake up (Wake, wake up)
Wake up (Wake up)
Wake up (Wake, wake up)
'Cause you're such a dream
If you can believe
(You're such) A dream to me, to me

To me, yeah, yeah
Hmm, babe
Mmm, yeah, yeah, mmm
Yeah, mmm

compositores: Beyonce Knowles, Ariana Grande, Pharrell Williams