Right There (feat. Big Sean)

Ariana Grande

(If you wanna party, if you, if you wanna party)
Then put your hands up (Then put your hands up)
Then put your hands up (Then put your hands up)
You got, You got baby
You got, You got baby
You got, You got baby

[Verse 1: Big Sean]
Sean Don!
Okay, this, this, this for my number one girl who got the top spot title
Spent a hour in the bathroom walked out looking like a model
God! Doing what you do, got me right there with Apollo
On the moon, Who needs genies in a bottle girl
If they already got you

[Verse 2: Ariana Grande]
Boy you make me feel lucky
Finally the stars align
Never has it been so easy, tell me you love
And to give you this heart of mine

[Pre-Hook: Ariana Grande]
You know what I need
I know what you like
Put it all together baby
We could be alright
How could this be wrong
When it feels so right
Yeah, I really love you
I really love you

[Hook: Ariana Grande]
And I'll never let you go
You should know
I'm never gonna change
I'm always gonna stay
You cover me right there (right there)
Right there (right there)
Cause you listen
And you care
It's all different
No one compares
And if you never change
I'm gonna stay right there
I'll always be right there

[Bridge: Ariana Grande]
You got it, you got it baby
You got it, you got it baby

[Verse 3: Ariana Grande]
And I can't price, just thinking
About you boy, you're on my mind
Sometimes I catch myself daydreaming
Lost in in your eyes
And I lose all track of time



[Verse 4: Big Sean]
(What, Okay, What)
Now if all fell through
Would you catch me before the pavement
If my Benz turned back to Public Transportation
Would you still be at home for me with the candles waiting
And get my mind back adjacent to the place of a young visionary
A player too, you know I have some girls missionary
My black book, and numbers thicker than the dictionary
And bible I got to recycle
I love and I like you
Five course meals even though you don't mind a drive-thru
That's why I got you