Saving All My Love for You (Remastered)

Whitney Houston

Verse 1

A few stolen moments, is all that we shared
You've got your family, and they need you there
Though I try to resist, being last on your list
But no other man's gonna do
So I'm saving all my love for you

verse 2

It's not very easy, living all alone
My friends try and tell me, find a man of my own
But each time I try, I just break down and cry
Cause I'd rather be home feeling blue
Cause I'm saying all my love for you


You use to tell me, we'd run away together
Love gives you the right to be free
You said be patient, just wait a little longer
But that's just an old fantasy

verse 3

I've got to get ready, just a few minutes more
Gonna get an old feeling, when you walk
through that door.
Cause tonight, is the night
When I'm feeling alright
We'll be making love the whole night through
So I'm saving all my love
Yes I'm saving all my loving
Yes I'm saving all my love for you---------
For you---------------
For You------------------