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War Monger

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Lurking in the astral skies lust, power, greed,
HateLeader of the fighting force face of black
Fate2100 A.D. at this man's will
Powerthrashing death brigade regroups to kill
Can't just ignore what's right bow to the powerlord
WarmongerBombs are falling from above death metal storm
Dogfight of the modern day starwars take form
Starships shooting in and out amazing grace

To each man a battlestar chasing through space
Obeying every order heard brainwashed by their leader's word
Kamikaze warriors aim for the sunTaking
Off for outer space four, three, two, one
Retrorockets activate lifting the craft
Final sound the fighters hear warmonger laugh
All the troops have died at war bow to the powerlord

capa do álbum Power And Pain de Whiplash
Album: Power And Pain
Gravadora: Roadrunner Records
Ano: 1985
Faixa: 5