Ghetto Nation

Warrior Soul

Slap the cuffs on
You`re goin` downtown
Gonna lock you up in the hole
`Cause the dea made a powerplay
And you`re lookin` at 2 to 4

Back at the pad
Ya thought you were bad
Got your stash up in the wall
But there`s a gun to your head
And you`re gonna be dead
Unless ya cut a deal with the law

All ya want is what the rich people got
`Cause the people need power too
There`s only lousy jobs run by slobs
And ya get paid crap for what ya do

Sellin` drugs, run with the thugs
And you`re makin` it on the deal
But your regular man got hit with a gram
And the son of a bitch started to squeal

Salutations from the ghetto nation

Out on the lawn ya strip the car down
And you`re sippin` corn on the porch
If the neighbors complain open up the 12-gauge
Shut your mouth or you`re gonna get torched

Party tonight `til the sun gets bright
Load the house up with sime whores
`Cause you`re goin` away 700 days
Out on the killin` floor

Salutations from the ghetto nation

They never found the bank account
And you`re sittin` on 30 grand
But you don`t mind doin` the time
As long as your freedom day is at hand
Out on parole ya take a stroll
Ya kick another habit everyday
Ya got a new plan, super scam
Livin` the american way

Salutations from the ghetto nation