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Simple Man


Ayo I’m goin places, the all home lacin all occasions
And Lord gave me amazing thinking in short paces
Lay solo, forever flashy though I hate photos
Day 4, make er smile and make er moan though
Latent charmer but I’mma buy yo baby mama
I hate to say it a later moment I didn’t warn ya
High roller, big spender
And my intentions to keep her on the sack, keep your sack spliffer
I’m that different, just got to react my adapters
I gathered a couple hundred thousand, I can’t remember
They keep talkin and we keep winnin
Another say completions and police chalk em
Because of my bitch, the talkin is in her head, the streets will follow
I come from a place where my agent lives to see tomorrow
To eat your zone but each of them is known to still rob you
So chances over count relater but know the CT college
And those are the least of problems, I speak the goddess as I’m alright
My visions funny, 0-20-20’s my on sight
Bad bitches with me, real niggas with me
Whole ghetto with me mixin kettle with the simply
Like the sweet English, find your peace baby
I know the millions will get and come with a billion haters, yea

Forgive, I’m a rider
Sure I’m just a simple man
All I want is money, fame
I’m a simple man
Lawwwwd [2x]

I’m pickin the part, my wicked opponents
Get in my zone
Can join the soatie done cloned us
Lookin it close, see the resorts and see a… a loner
‘Cause all of the shit givin me grief also be givin me shit
Blow up a rap then and you black
Be blowin your phone up
Whenever you don’t, usual homie hoe
Adult from show cuz
If you get that then roll out
If you get that there’s no luck
Every move you make they got left
Every chick you like done got kids
And forget that check my friends
Every time you hip you need vet
For each friend you got that MO
I’m in a gang, livin with a deep bitch
I’mma ball like small for a code uh
Without the hate, where’d all the hate go?
Pockets tinkle on my dick, make the same news
I just came up, bitch you say I’m new
Get it, been this my heart that gave me yo finger

Forgive, I’m a rider
Sure I’m just a simple man
All I want is money, fame
I’m a simple man
Lawwwwd [4x]

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Album: The Gifted
Gravadora: MMG/Atlantic
Ano: 2013
Faixa: 13
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