You Saved My Life

Uwe Kröger

Now and then
I look where I've been
Seems the good
Sometimes went wrong

I see in you
The love that pulled me through
The love that kept
Me strong

You saved my life
Drowning in a lonely sea
You reached out and rescued me
You saved my life with love you
Saved my life

You've been there
When no one dared to care
Somehow you shield me from all harm
A guiding light In my darkest night
My shelter In the storm

You saved my life
When all around was sinking sand
You were there with outstretched hands and
You saved my life with love
You saved my life oh

With nothing to gain
You bared my pain
From the start
Showed me love from the heart
When all else fails
All faith in you I held
Yes, my life my soul
I owe to you

Saved my life
It took time but now I see
Your love supplies all my needs
You saved my life
With love
You saved my life
You Saved my life