Ooh, yes, yes
Nothing never felt to me
Like you do right now
Aah, yes, yes,
That's the only word
I want to hear from your mouth

Oh, let's not waste our time
Hiding what we feel inside
If your tongue is tied, just whisper yes,
Darling, yes, darling, yes

Yes, yes, don't you feel breathless
When I'm holding you near
Ah, yes, yes
We could light a fire
And keep it burning for years

It's that misty look inside your eyes
That I want to monopolize
Feel your skin on mine,
It's crying yes darling, yes darling, yes

Romantic pressure's gonna drive me insane,
Time goes by and I'm losing ground
Do you want to see a loved one in chains,
I'm sinking baby, I'm gonna drown, I’m going down

Oh, yes, yes
Can't you feel the passion
When I look in your eyes?
Ah, yes, yes
This is how I want it
For the rest of my life

Oh, giving fire to your flame,
Every time you speak my name
Close your eyes and say it to me
Yes darling, yes darling, yes.