I Kinda Miss You

The Manhattans

Another, sad day, in my life,
Nothing is the same,
Since you've been gone
This old house,
Is not the same anymore,
I'm sitting and writing
A letter to you,
Knowing that you will,
Probably never receive it,
But I miss you,
I Walk, by myself,
I Talk, to myself,
I Sleep, by myself,
Ooh baby, I miss you...

Dirty dishes in the sink, mmm hmm,
Lots of time for me to think,
Didn't think,
Didn't think I knew the tear,
It's been a week,
But oh, it seems like a year,
This house is not the same,
Oooooh, since you've been gone,
I never thought,
You would stay so long,
You haven't written,
Wooaah, you never never call,
I hope you're ok,
But that ain't all...

I kinda miss you,
I kinda miss you...

Heard a noise,
Was someone else, yes it was,
Walked the dogs, all by myself,
I go to bed,
I go to bed but I can't sleep,
I'm so depressed, I can't even eat,
We had a fight,
Wooo yeah, I lost my head,
I said some things,
I shouldn't have said,
If you miss me,
Woo yeah like I miss you,
Come on back,
Come on back, let's start a new...

I kinda miss you,
I kinda miss you,
I, I kinda miss you,
I, You know I miss you,
I kinda miss you,
Mmm hmmmm
I, I kinda miss you,
I, You know I miss you,
I kinda miss you,
You know I miss you...

Ooh baby, ooh I miss you,
I seal this letter,
I seal this letter with a tear,
Baby, I miss you,
The kiss and the goodbye,
I wish I could,
I wish I could do it
All over again...