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April Fool (Album Version)

Soul Asylum

I'm quitting after one more last one
Tired of playin the clown
If I want your opinion I'll ask you
I can get myself down
Night drivin without headlights
Wearing sunglasses too
Lookin good but sure don't feel right
Anything to be cool
Doin hopscotch with my legs tied
Jumpin rope in wet cement
Black leather in mid day sunshine
All your mother's money spent
Doin time on the metal detector
Like to drown in your pool
Coverin up everything that's defective
Anything to be cool
A burning heart could be so cool
Won't you be my fashion victim
Come on I'm an April fool for you
Holdin on to what's left of real life
Anything to be cool
Anything to be cool....
A burnin heart, like an April fool
Won't you be my fashion victim
Come on I'm your April fool
I'm a mid-spring snowfall
Joke's on you
I'm an April fool for you

Grave Dancers Union
Album: Grave Dancers Union
Gravadora: Columbia
Ano: 1992
Faixa: 8
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