I Found You


We could spend more time together, I’m talking to you
and you could get out of that mirror
and we could talk this through
cause my eyes open, open wide, and all I see is truth
that in this life I’ll always find you
I’ll find you...

the days are passing faster than I ever hoped they would
I watch as we grow apart and we separate too
but my hearts open, open wide, and all I need is you
I feel it in the rain and in the roots, it’s in the root
I’ll find you...

the seasons changing one by one and we are changing too
we are circling the stars and we are god’s own proof
my minds open, open wide, and as I read the news
we become the cancer that we’re trying to remove
I’ll find you...

70 years in this life and what we got to show
we built a family of millions with millions more to go
my eyes open, open wide, I wake myself for you
to thank you for the memories that grew
it’s all because of you
I found you...

if I could spend the Rest Of My Life with my people
I would do it over and over again
I found you.

just like the land that bares the name africa
True Love is on my mind
I found you.

I Don’t Wanna Wait today for something
that might never ever show it’s face again
I found you.

I Open My Eyes each morning I rise
to find the truth...
I found you.