Descendant from adversity
A youth learns early what hatred means
Enraged with anger no dignity
Whitewashed the mind, no knowledge of self

Beat everyone till there's, no one else to beat
Stand in line your next to, grovel at my feet
I will be the one, I want to be
Make no mistake, what's my name
Stand against the foe

Is a sweeter death to know
A battle for our right
Is a sweeter death to know
Better to stay and fight
Is a sweeter death to know
Stand against the foe
Is a sweeter death to know

Won't kill in foreign lands
Return and beat by racist hands
We're victims of an oppressive game
He cast aside a life of fame
The weight is heavy

The burden great
Stand to be different
Held onto faith
A defiant champ of the world
But never stood alone
Felt the fire beneath his feet but kept pushing
On despite of the heat
Didn't matter at all
What people might said

He had the sprit to fight
His way to the end

Even in the sickness there's a torch with a flame
Lighting up a path, for all those who came
Even in the darkness there's a glimmer of hope
Never down and never out the original GOAT