The Way The World Works

Pixie Lott

Give me just a little break
Ain't no more that I can take
I am asking for the planets to align.

Calling on the universe
Maybe once just put me first
Give me what I need
Or give a little sign

Nothing plays out like it should
Nothing Does me any good

Cause I'm missing you
And it's making me cry

Oh I know it's turning
Inside I'm burning and...

I'm so tired of the way the world works
I'm so tired of the way the world works
They conspire, trying to keep us apart

Nothing ventured, nothing gained
I don't mind a little pain
But enough's enough

Does the heart grow fonder (yes)
Will I wait here on ya (yes)
Baby how much longer

Oh I know It's turning

All I am learning is


There's so much in life that 's undecided
There's so much trouble that's uninvited
And only so much you can control

What are th eforces that try and tease us
I wish the forces would just release us
I haven't seen you in forever ever baby

'Gimme just a little break
Aim't no more that I can take
Tryin'to keep us apart