In My Mind

Philthy Rich

I ain't never stole shit but a bitch smile
Played with a lot of money but never dropped a dime
And these fake ass niggas ain't what they about
9 shots through the mazi, tryina take me out
Brought myself to the hospital, fuck the daries
Leaking out 3 holes but still didn't panic
120 on the freeway, never hit the brakes
These broke niggas lookin at me like they hit the safe
Hit my niggas on the horn like I know who did it
Last time we caught this nigga he said he wasn't in it
But that was my fault for riding without a hammer
On 2 probations tryina duck the slammer
Either ride with a nigga or get knocked down
I'll get this nigga by the week and he'll be knocked down
Yeah I'm playing with some tips and ready for the phone
Having nightmares, can't sleep till he's gone

The police said that the window saved my life
Would have keep it 100, the lord spared my life
I was sad 2 days before dre died
Like 4 years ago, there ain't no letting go
That's all I thought about, like fuck they done got me too
Lil feel lil ant, fuck I got me too
Little boys are fin to leave from this earth alone
Talking to myself, like why the fuck I left my chrome
It's either heaven or jail, I guess I'm going back
They done fuck my true jeans, if a nigga mad
Sittin on em like an egg until he ready to hatch
I got some little niggas that do it for a couple stacks
Too much respect, we took it by a lane nigga
Shooting with your eyes closed, where you aim nigga
Cause I'm a reptible well known in these streets
If that's what you call a hit, keep your receipt.