Carny Life


I remember when I saw you, babe,
for the first time, it was May
and you were sitting in the front seat
of a car parked in front of a house
the house that you would one day stay
when you finally moved to L.A.
and everyone else had flaked
Oh, if you only knew
But I agreed
to play a few shows with you
so we went up to Santa Cruz
to live the Carny Life

Then we found
ourselves in an awful mess
and all the plans we made were best kept
sitting in a mason jar above a kitchen sink
then one I miss, oh, so terribly
so please don't say "Oh, Marry me"
unless you mean it this time

But, oh, don't you worry dear
because I know you don't intend to stay
and I'm sure that I'll find a way
with or without you
but for now I choose to
walk with you on the cloudy days
let the whole world wash away
for this point in time
Oh, because time is such a silly, silly thing
when you notice how it changes things
everything but Santa Cruz