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One More Sign

Neil Young

No I'm not gonna,
Hide my feelings,
Couldn't if I tried.
No, I'm not holding them inside.

Holding back is,
So close to stealing,
Though we both have pride.
We could lose it all if we lied.

Someday it's later than,
The feeling we have now.
It's off the ground,
I've always played around.
But now I don't know how.

Listen easy,
'Cause I'm saying,
What I mean this time.
Sharing words I always said were mine.

I was breezy,
Now I'm swaying,
Like the tree we climbed.
Asking you to give me one more sign.

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Neil Young Archives Vol. I (1963 - 1972)
Album: Neil Young Archives Vol. I (1963 - 1972)
Gravadora: Reprise
Ano: 2009
Faixa: 26
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