I'm No Rockefeller

Modern Talking

I saw her eyes-like rain in May
A Paris-night-Champs-Elysee
A flickering night-an old cafe
Oh should I run away?
A one night stand, a small hotel
She broke my heart, heaven and hell
I was so wrong, she knew it all
Now I`m waiting for her call
Baby, I`m no Rockefeller
I`m no fortune teller
I don`t promise you my heart
Baby, I`m no Rockefeller
Baby but I tell ya
We can try a brand new start
Oh I swear to you(I swear to you)
I`ll never make you blue(I make you blue)
You are always in my heart, for sure
I took the plane to JFK
An endless flight, I have to say
I miss that girl, more than my life
Will this love survive?
Back to the plane, to Charles De Gaulle
She was my heart, she was my soul
I know for sure, she`s good to me
The rest is history