[Intro: Quavo]
Yuh, yuh, Migo, Migo, Migo, Migo
Zay, Zay, Zay, shout out to Zay, shout out to Zay, shout out to Zay.

[Hook: Quavo] (X2)
Katrina, call FEMA
Katrina, call FEMA
Katrina, call FEMA
Katrina, call FEMA
Hurricane wrist, hurricane wrist
Hurricane wrist, hurricane wrist
Hurricane wrist, hurricane wrist
Hurricane, hurricane, hurricane...

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Alberto, Debby, Hurricane Ernesto
I don't talk on the phone, I hit the jet I go see Pablo
J with the ashy knuckles knockin' at my front door
Ran out of dope you might just check with me tomorrow
I'm seeing dead faces, green numbers like the Matrix
He mad cause I finessed him with the pack and it's fugazi
Mollies, zans, lean, oxycontins came from Haiti
Baby kids in the trunk, you know I keep them babies, gone!

[Hook: Quavo] (X2)

[Verse 2: Take Off]
Call me Katrina, Katrina, somebody call FEMA my wrist is illegal
In the kitchen hit it with the eggbeater
On the pan you would think my name Peter
Cold as hell so a nigga keep the heater
Bally kicks on like I'm playing FIFA
With the Migos 30 for a feature
Purple lean it's 200 for a liter
Talking about I'm sipping lean by the liter
Y'all niggas still sipping margaritas
Y'all niggas don't know what a bando mean
Y'all niggas saying boards on the windows
Keep the wood in my hand, got a splinter
Got the white and tan bricks in the fender
Hurricane wrist spinning like a motor
IPhone been a trap phone, Motorola

[Hook: Quavo] (X2)

[Verse 3: Offset]
My wrist be spinning and spinning and spinning
We pullin' in Bentleys we winnin'
You losin', I came to conclusion finessin' the plug he lost and he clueless
The Uzi, the Uzi, they shooting, they shooting
These niggas they droppin' they floppin'
I call up the plug, he pullin' up
The birds they know that they flockin'
My whipgame it is so ancient
We cookin' the dope like it's baking
Young Offset's still in the vacant
We got the best dope in the nation
Them red and white, blue diamonds looking just like the Patriots
Before I sell the dope I let the J's taste it
It is amazing

[Hook: Quavo] (X2)