Down At The Twist And Shout (Album Version)

Mary Chapin Carpenter

Chorus:Saturday night and the moon is
outI wanna head on over to the Twist and ShoutFind a two-step partner
and a Cajun beatWhen it lifts me up I'm gonna find my feetOut in the
middle of a big dance floorWhen I hear that fiddle wanna beg for
moreGonna dance to a band from a-Lou'sian' tonightWell I never have
wandered down to New OrleansNever have drifted down a bayou streamBut I
heard that music on the radioAnd I swore some day I was gonna goDown
Highway 10 past LafayetteTo Baton Rouge and I won't forgetTo send you a
card with my regrets'Cause I'm never gonna come back home(Repeat
chorus)They got a alligator stew and a crawfish pieA golf storm
blowin' into town tonightLivin on the delta's quite a showThey got
hurricane parties every time it blowsAnd here up north it's a cold cold
rainAnd there ain't no cure for my blues todayExcept when the paper
says: Beausoleil is coming into townBaby let's go down(Repeat
chorus)Bring your mama, bring your papa, bring your sister tooThey
got lots of music and lots of roomWhen they play you a waltz from
1910You gonna feel a little bit young againWell you learned to dance
with your rock'n'rollYou learned to swing with a do-si-doBut you learn
to love at the fais-so-doWhen you hear a little Jolie Blon(Repeat