Shakin' Things Up

Lorrie Morgan

I've been told better safe than sorry
And to look before I leap
To think about what I should say
Long before I speak
I'm tired of holding back my true emotions
I can't help but cause a little commotion
I like shakin' things up
I like pushin' the boundaries
I like livin' my life on the edge
And chasin' far-fetched dreams
I'm gonna feel young when I grow old
I'm gonna chalenge the status quo
When bein' good just ain't good enough
I like shakin' things up
I've been known to aim too high
Sometimes I miss my mark
But I'll never know how far I can go
Until I go too far
I believe in moderation
But once in a while I need a celebration
I like shakin'
yeah, I like shakin' things up
I like shakin' things up