I'm Good

Lil Wayne

Uhh... Uh
No Ceilings, nigga
Got T in here, Fuque in here
Streets in here, Lucc in here
We in here biatch!

Boston Red Sox cap
I get baseball money
Used to do it big
But now bitch I do it Paul Bunyan
Cincinnati Reds cap
Skinny jeans, black Chucks
Hollywood shotgun
Watch me make it act up
Saints cap
New car
Paint that
If it ain't black
Red light
Press a button
Make the top faint back
That was tough
So are us
No such thing as sobered up
You closed-minded
I shoot you in your head
I'll bet you open up
High yellow woman
With her hair to her ass
Bring her home
Fuck her like a bear then I crash
And when it comes to head
I get that head of the class
I got them green backs
Like I laid in the grass
Lucci be my nigga
The East up in the buildin'
Young Mula ba—
The blank's already filled in
Fire alarm dick, them bitches wanna pull
Weezy Baby, nigga, I ain't just good
Motherfucker, I'm

I'm Goooooood
I'm Goooooood
I'm Goooooood
(No Ceilings)
I'm Goooooood

Still no job bitch, but I ain't hurtin
Phone still ringin, so I'm still workin
Got coke for the snorters, drank if you slurpin
Even got a couple pills for if your back hurtin
Uhh, they call me Mr. Pharmaceutical
I'm gettin money every time I'm in the studio
I'm gettin money bitch even when I do a show
I get the money even if I have to sue a ho
That's how the game go
East side play it cold
We love the new coupes
We love our necks froze
You couldn't be me if you could
Weezy Baby, Lucci Lou, and we good

I'm Goooooood
I'm Goooooood
I'm Goooooood
I'm Goooooood