Empty The Same

Like Moths to Flames

Were we meant to break
Spent more time watching me leave
I think I'm just another mistake in your way
I know you're better off alone
And that it's time for me to let you go
Into the air
Away from the mess I'm in
Been dragging you underneath
My problems again
I wanted to tell you that you're free
In time you'll see
I just weighed you down
Were we meant to stay
Or are we made to decay
Waited for sun
All we got was rain
Saw your smile fade
While stress took me away
But you were on my mind
I know it's feels like I just left you to die
Been gone so long canʼt fucking make this right
So were we meant to break
Did I lose your faith
I know that I'm the one to blame
I'm empty the same
Now I'm empty the same
Consumed by thoughts
Not meant to escape
I know I'm the one to blame
I'm empty the same