All Things Must Pass

Keaton Henson

I know you're sad, sweetheart, but it will pass,
And I am on my own dark path and so must go

She was dear to you all, though not near,
So you cannot be blamed for feeling low

And if I could fix it, then damn I would,
But I'm less than just a man to be of aid
And even less than usual, I'm afraid
One day you'll thank the lord I didn't stay

Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh

What can I say more than that every day
That the world, it is unfair and will not change?

Learn from me, bury it all down 'neath,
It's unhealthy but it sure keeps out the pain,
And stops you from feeling anyone's to blame
'Cause that just leads to disappointment all your days

But I'm pretty sure that everything will pass,
Over to that always greener grass

Sinks into the glass' empty half,
Sinks into the glass' empty