Actin Up


OK Now girl you playing like that?
Always trying to act like a brat.
Getting on my mother fucking nerves
But you girl; what I put first
Lay yo ass down ima give you that work
Kissing on yo neck then I'm coming for the shirt
Don't try to act now you on my turf
Gotta so wet that a nigga might surf (Wooh)
Gotta so wet that a nigga might surf
Don't play around with it cause I know what its worth
This ain't nothing new girl I know what you like
Wanna play, wanna fuss, wanna nag, wanna fight
Every time when you say I'm wrong but I know that I'm right
You just wanna get it in, you just want me to bite
All on yo neck, passionate sex
Play with the pussy, girl keep that wet
All that attitude you can keep that there,
Deep strokes from the back while I'm pulling on your hair
I give her that dick when she acting up (4x)
That's all she want when she acting up
That's all she need when she acting up
Ima give you what you want when you acting up
Girl don't try to play cause I know wassup
She just want that dick when she acting up (4x)
Don't try to play around, don't play around. Don't play
OK now girl I done laid back down
Tell me what you gotta say now
I see it in yo face that you could
That dick make her play by the rules
If you act right you can get round 2
Sex gone have yo ass stuck like glue
See I done gave yo ass a Lil preview
Yo ass already nut Cashew(2x)
But I ain't gone lie that's what dope dick do
You done already heard from the song l l