Ja Rule

Ja:Extra extra. Extra extra. Hear all about it.
Ja Rule has just been elected president of the United Ghettos of
this is what he has to say at press time.
At press time this is what Ja Rule had to say.
Emerica. My peoples.

Welcome to Emerica baby. Cuz I didn´t think this world would do
what its doing to me.
Welcome to Emerica baby. Cuz I didn´t think this world would do what
its done
to me.

Ja Rule: Niggas if I could pledge my alligence to the united ghettos of
wanna tell you bro to cut the taxes for strippers and thgs.
Its all good. Rule for mayor in all hoods and as well I should.
I may just be pubically misunderstood when they caught me getting
high in the
back of the old jail. Was you freaking them hoes well.
I could say I was getting a lil head but so what Bill and Hilary stayed
and still.
Thats a down ass bitch for ya.
Whats up with some soap and water and return them dirty drawers to
rightful owner.
Now thats creep shit 101 I got this broad on the 101. She bobbing? is
conscious, no nonsense she like to tickle the dick on the low only
Can you tell me it was a church girl, protestant. Its alright ma you
with the Inc.

Young Life: Yeah I´m here. Can you tell me more niggas living, living?
Emerica. I´m never gon gail nigga. I´m telling ya.
Young life´s a competitor into the real my niggas heading up hill. I´m letting
you know thats shits real.
I came into the game copped a deal, aiming to get this shit still
It aint been a minute I aint been hiding it.
Handle my business, high when I´m fucking you bitches right yeah you
my life.
? my night and the ghetto holding my medal tight.
Still in Emerica, the military is? a nigga hoes better oved will never be
available that easy.
I´m heada the rest and up with the best in the minds of the bitches that
given them hard sex.
Regardless I´m set for life, enlighten hoes to write and hit the mic, not
night you get the gift to be the best for something.
Life end up in Emerica.
Young Life is coming home, mother fuckers prepared enuff.

Chink Santana: Now end up at crack houses, hustlers and hoes, lil
younguns up
on the corner nigga smoking that bowl.
Around the way when I´s coming up wasn´t no peers thats why they find
your ass
slow in the beers, but still I got that paper jo´blowing my weed and
then that
? motherfucker got it from me.
But nowadays these yougnuns rolling on E and the nigga that supplying
who running the streets.
Now look this ain´t no crack thing. I gots to come up on the stash and
get back
Cuz I´mma witness on the street, they say them hoes do fucking with X
like she
fucking a hot clock wtach you swallow my check.
Its real. A real nigga want his dick sucked. Bitches why bitches turn
every hoe
into a? trick. Its pimp shit.
No limp lick just a gansta fuck.
Why the murderers will make you bust.

Welcome to Emerica