Shadow Step

Hillsong United

Light up the way of Your heart
Move me like You do the mountains
Move me like You do the wind
And I'll chase Your voice through the dark Fix my eyes on the unexpected
In the wonder of Your shadow-step
(Take another step)

You met me at the sinners' table I found You waiting by the well Unexpected
You are always there
Tracing all my steps

You never left the lost forsaken Your mercy paves the road ahead Unexpected
You are always good
You are always good

And I won't be afraid
In every way
You never fail
So have Your way here God And I'll sing Your praise
Fix my heart to Yours
Ready for the unexpected Ready for what You will do next

I can't explain Your heart
Or dare to trace-out all You are
But when I think about
The road You took for love
I know Your grace will stay the path