Ten Little Indians

Harry Nilsson

Ten little Indians
Standing in a line
One stood looking
At another man's wife
Then there were nine

Nine little Indians
Their hearts all full of hate
One took another's goods
Then there were eight

Eight little Indians
They just got down from heaven
One told a lie about
Another's best friend
Then there were seven

Seven little Indians
All tryin' to get their kicks
One thought he found
Another way to get to heaven
Then there were six

Six little Indians
All trying to stay alive
One took another's life
Then there were five

Five little Indians
All trying to find the door
One pulled his mother down
Then there were four

Four little Indians
All thinkin' that
They gotta be free
One little Indian
Forgot to say his prayers
Then there were three

Three little Indians
Deciding what they're
Gonna have to do
One took the name
Of God in vain
Now there were two

Two little Indians
Thinkin' that they
Ought to have some fun
One took a liking
To a picture of himself
Now there was one

One little Indian
Out lookin' for the sun
At six o'clock the moon came out
Then there were none