Spit That Shit


uh,yeah this is this is a flow ya' breaks..nonstop,no laps.

(chorus)uh,cuz imma spit that these niggas how dog does shit here.uh,cuz imma spit that these niggas how dog does shit here.c'mon..cuz imma spit that these niggas how dog does shit here.uh huh yeah cuz imma spit that these niggas how dog does shit here.

shit pop off.we dont blow it up till we blow it up.cats better slow it up..yall niggas know whats niggas throw it up:we all know that.we got niggas missing the action,where are they at!!see,you niggas never really been ducked out, but got enough mouth to get snuffed out.ROOF the rough route..we dont play around here,nigga,were grown.start applying pressure.give a dog a taking half:its just that simple,or i can start popping niggas like pimples.imma let you call ballin..till you get hit with them hot,youre stagerin and holding up the got more than enough problems in the floor.youre just waistin a niggas time:c',i got shit to do like ..hit your crew,might hit your crib,so what that bitch gonn do.not a damn thing,but dawg's with the program.beast on that bitch like"con air"on air.imma go where no man has ever gone,nigga.when its on,its on.i'll let you know when the fuck its on.i got nothin to hide,but you got a reason to run.come thru like..BRRRAAAAT,till the squeasin is done,and thats just squeasin one.imagine if we all let go,and turn your whole block into a death row.


between me and you, i'd be in the dark for too long:bark is too strong:hot light is on.whatever its gonn be,thats what it is.i didnt studder muthufucku,put that on your kids.built for war,built for raw,built for more:built from it all for the dog to the floor.ive been gettin down before i knew what gettin down was,shit,i just do what a real nigga does.get anything staight up..if shit starts fallin apart,wait up,lets get this joint payed up,so its round one,and a nigga cant get a fair one at any time of the day,but a nigga can run.keep shit movin,doing what the fuck we be doing.theyre comin to em,but im runnin thru em.i dont need the headache,ive never been talkin to death,but i'll fuck you to death.what the fuck you left?!i dont want nothing,but some fuckin pussy.i aint trying to be all cuddled up,and all talking:getting mushy..been there,done that..with that one back there from when there was none of that to when there was some of that.niggas still come back..hood for life,shit,proda is for the cat nigga..could for my wife.if a rider could row for the night,thats what it be,or if its good for tommorow cuz tommorw well see..take it one day at a time mine ends in the strets.dont fear my feast..your mans in the heat.thats how the dog gets down on all fours..after a certain hour,im knockin on all doors.anything goes when its on,muthufucku,wheather youre friend,or gonn lend some dough,and in case you dont know,that nigga dont owe.whatever i come up on:let that shit go,faggot..!!

cuz imma kick that these niggas how dog does shit,yeah.uh cuz imma kick that these niggas how dog does shit here.c'mon cuz imma kick that these niggas how dog does shit,yeah.cuz imma kick that these muthufuckus,babe.....

yo,uh,its all stops,no breaks,one drop,one take..yeah!! thats how we do, babe.real talk:you know what im many spit like that son?!a whole song with no muthufuckin breaks..we dont punch in,we punch out,real talk aight.....uh,show these niggas how does shit here, like i do,nigga,then talk shit,aight.walk like i walk,then talk shit,bitch!it like me real talking aint for faggot...grrrr..arf,arf,arf, arf grrrrr..

compositores: Patrick Gallo, Earl Simmons