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For Once in My Life

Dj Bobo

Alone in my own world,
Surrounded by worms,
I can't take this feeling no more.

Patiently waiting for signs and
Give me strength and faith to open that door.

I hold on, don't let go,
I'll take my heart and my hands,
'cause I know


For once in my life I feel like a hero.
For once in my life it will be my own show.
For once in my life the magic runs through me
For once in my life glamour appears.

The moment of truth is right here.
Open my box filled with laughter and tears.
I sense that the magic is here.
I hold on, don't let go,
I take my heart in my hands 'cause I know


Here I am,standing tall,
I don't wanna give up, want it all,
here I stand, brave and strong,
The arena is where I belong!


capa do álbum Groove de Dj Bobo
Album: Groove
Gravadora: Euroartists Agency
Ano: 2015
Faixa: 3
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