Bridged By A Lightwave (Alternative Mix) (feat. Kiesza)


If I flew to Japan
And stood beside the waves with you
And danced across your face
Would we forget that we were strangers?
If I was there to take it in
And walk between the change in spaces
Dance through light in altered places
Would a fire begin?

Gone on a fast train
Oceans of blank space
High on an airplane
Bridged by a lightwave

If I went back in time
Removed the boulders that still chase us
Would we still let lust creatе us
Or would we start to climb?
If our dimensions werе the same
If I could touch you in the flesh
Fold the time and space between us
Would yours fall into mine?

Shadows on our stage
Here from another phase
Nothin' in our way
All but a 3D place
All but a 3D place
All but a 3D place
All but a 3D place
Bridged by a lightwave