O Mary Don't You Weep

Bruce Springsteen

If I could I surely would
Stand on the rock where Moses stood
Pharaoh's army drowned in the Red Sea
Oh, Mary, don't you weep
Tell Martha not to moan

You know Jesus... He's my Friend
He picks me up when I fall down again
Every day I get on my knees and pray
That the Lord's hand will come and show the way
And I just thank Him each day that I live
I give Him all that I have to give ... every day!

Jesus, He told Mary, "Don't you weep no more
Just believe in a miracle
Every day there's a miracle in your life
You've just got to look for it
Have faith in your heart, in your soul, every day".
Jesus told Mary, "Don't you no more
'Cause I'm coming back again... yes I am!"

Now Mary had a brother named Lazarus
One day when Jesus was praying to the masses
Lazarus passed away.
Mary she lost faith
She got sick at the heart
She didn't believe
Jesus came back
He told Mary, "Don't you weep... 'cause I can fix it!"

He said Lazarus, "Rise up and walk with te livig"
And lazarus rose up ... O what a miracle
Jesus told Mary, "You don't have to weep
No you don't have to moan!"

Oh, Mary, don't you weep
Tell Martha not to moan