Bad Suns

This Was a Home Once

Bad Suns

My bedroom looks the same
But that is not how it feels
I guess the dog is now dead
My little sister, in heels
She drives her own car
Now wears a ring in her nose
Mom and dad play pretend
But it's over and we know

This was a home once
Now the ceilings falling, I feel the rain
This was a home once
With so much love comes so much pain

My mother's face is like stone
My father comes and he goes
And our neighbors now they moved away to Mexico
Reality comes once I finally hear
Son, I've been waiting for this moment for thirteen years

This was a home once
Can I say something to change your mind?
This was a home once
All these years go by and I've been blind

And as one chapter ends another chapter begins
Now my life revolves around cliches I hated as a kid
My sister's still young, I hate to see her face blue
Though we can't control the rest one thing will always be true

This was a home once
Where we found our way to the golden age
This was a home once
Where my life begun, where life moves on
This was a home once