When the mornin' comes
You'll know by my shoes i've been out walking
If i don't return
You'll know i've found something to believe in, to believe in
Waiting for the sun
My heart will surely break if it starts raining
It's the oasis i seek
'cause the sand of the desert makes me thirsty, makes me thirsty
Down, down we all go down
'round, 'round we all go 'round
Down, down we all go down
We all go down-down-down-down
If i learn to fly
You know i'll go places never been before
If i reach a star
You know i will dwell on it forever, forever
There are mysteries
My children have rhymes with hidden meanings
If i learn the truth
I'm sure that the end will leave me crying, leave me crying

compositores: Randolf Charles Bachman